Where’s High on Hooking today?

Woman demonstrating rug hooking.

Mary Ramsey, AWAG president, indoctrinating, I mean, sharing rug hooking, specifically her “Chicken Cha,” with visitors to Heritage Farm in Albuquerque’s Botanic Garden.


Where’s High on Hooking? Like Waldo we could be almost anywhere. Though yesterday we were with other members of the Adobe Wool Arts Guild (AWAG) at Albuquerque’s BioPark for our twice monthly demo gig. After last week’s news, though, we really could be almost anywhere.in the coming months.



Poster advertising Albuquerque's Recycled Art Fair 2017.


Like Lauren at Rugs and Pugs, last week was spent suffering through all kinds of nasty sinus issues and such. And we’re still on the mend! But life looked a hell of a lot better when one day’s email brought news of High on Hooking being juried into Albuquerque’s 8th Annual Recycled Art Fair. That’s the last weekend of April and conveniently located only a couple of miles down the road from my house at the Open Space Visitor Center. Besides vendors, there will be food, live music, and all kinds of good stuff.

Another email finally green-lighted me into this year’s Rail Yard’s Market downtown. Woohoo! I loved doing the market last year: tasty food, music, fabulous people-watching, and the chance to spread the gospel of rug hooking to new believers.

The first two Saturdays in April, we’ll be north of Santa Fe, up in Española at the Española Valley Fiber Arts Center teaching a beginners’ class using up-cycled t-shirts. Should be a fun time.

There are other irons in the fire. AWAG’s got Cheryl Bollenbach motoring down from Colorado to teach another class in early May. Fiber Arts Fiesta comes up a couple of weeks later. Lots of work going on with that! (It being my first Fiesta ever – having moved here only a year and a half ago – I feel like I’m about to be hit by a beautiful and handmade freight train. A freight train nonetheless.) Oh, we’ve got company coming twice! in May before Fiesta starts.

Life’s busy and that’s a really good thing. I mean, who wants to be bored? Not me. I can play “Where’s High on Hooking” all year long.

Keeping busy: This is a problem that you’re glad to have.
–American actor Michael Winslow

Dog on hooked rug.

Tynan presents this week’s “Current Rug.” Actually, there are three on the frame, all mug rugs as we get ready for the 2017 selling season. No, he’s not particularly interested in the mats; Tom was in the kitchen making “food” sounds. That was soooo much more compelling.



4 thoughts on “Where’s High on Hooking today?

  1. Sylvia Doiron

    Congrats on acceptance in the juried show. You are busy and it is good. Hope ills leave you soon. Love the mug rugs as does Tynan.

    1. Laura S Post author

      Thanks, Syl! You know, wish I knew about the hellish juniper allergy I have before I moved out here. Spring’s big winds here make it all the worse as there’s A LOT of juniper here. Allergies = sinus infections for me. Poo! And Tynan does not care one whit for mug rugs or any rugs if there’s food about. 🙂

  2. Debbie Moyes

    Wowie zowie! You are super busy and what fun! Your class title made me laugh – that will get peoples’ attention for sure. I guess I should name my rug hooking class “not saving the environment and expensive”! ;-D Can’t wait to hear how many people you get and how it goes. I hope they are good students and finish their projects before the second class! I only had one student ever do that.
    I’m not getting much done this week but cleaning for the neighborhood progressive dinner tomorrow. I will have a show and tell on the dining room chairs which I finally decided to paint…though not in enough time to have all of them done for the party! I have the best ideas and am so slow to actually do them.
    Peter’s birthday is this week, so there will be more fun (and not getting anything done!) this week.
    You are an inspiration Laura! I will get my butt in gear now that the (boring) quilt top is done.

    1. Laura S Post author

      An inspiration? Ha. not feeling like one these days. The arthritis and sinus issues are kicking my butt. But…I try. Hope I get anyone to sign up, as they were late putting the class up online. Apparently, their web person left early in the year, so things slowed way down. We shall see.

      So, what’s the show and tell about? The chairs? I hear you on the slowness. I read about people doing lots of things. I have so much I want to do, but do I get to them? No. But it’s better to be too busy than sitting at home twiddling my thumbs. My wish is for more hours in the day.

      Have fun with the party and Peter’s birthday!