Albuquerque BioPark Botanic Gardens

Summer colors’ last gasp = Inspiration

      INSPIRATION   Being the fourth Tuesday of the month, yesterday was one of the Adobe Wool Arts Guild’s demo days  (we’re there the 1st and 4th Tuesdays) at Albuquerque’s Biopark, specifically the Botanic Garden. And although it…


Damn, you found me…spreading the gospel…of hooking

  It’s been almost a month, and I’m a day or two late, but I had to come back sometime. Not going to apologize for loving time off from the blog, but logging into WordPress for the first time in…


Where’s High on Hooking today?

  Where’s High on Hooking? Like Waldo we could be almost anywhere. Though yesterday we were with other members of the Adobe Wool Arts Guild (AWAG) at Albuquerque’s BioPark for our twice monthly demo gig. After last week’s news, though,…