Damn, you found me…spreading the gospel…of hooking

CHeryl Bollenbach's workshop where she shared the gospel of hooking.

Me presenting my piece at the end of our workshop with Cheryl Bollenbach. Those with sharp eyes and a Rug Hooking Magazine subscription will recognize the pattern I used. Thank you for sharing this with the hooking world, Brigitte Webb! I hope to do it justice.


It’s been almost a month, and I’m a day or two late, but I had to come back sometime. Not going to apologize for loving time off from the blog, but logging into WordPress for the first time in weeks, I realize how much updating I have to do on the entire freakin’ site. Along with some other electronic “toilette.” Sigh. Work is never done.

Note, I may not have been blogging, but I have been hooking. That is rarely a chore. Oh, maybe it is for those of you who whip-stitch. Yeah, I hardly ever do that crap.

What have I been doing? Funny you should ask.


  • May started with a bang. The Adobe Wool Arts Guild (AWAG) invited Cheryl Bollenbach back to conduct a three-day workshop. As usual we learned a lot and bought even more…wool. My project was unusual, though only for me. It’s very…traditional. I’m working with wool strips – no t-shirts! I’m trying out linen for the first time. And see in the picture – no rug binding sewn on before hooking commenced. Don’t get too excited. There will be no whip-stitching. I’ll have it framed when I’m done. A girl can only go so traditional. Grimace
AWAG's booth at Fiesta 2017 where we share the gospel of rug hooking.

A view of our guild booth at Fiber Arts Fiesta.

  • Albuquerque Fiber Arts Fiesta went down May 19-21. Of course, there was A LOT of work to be done before that. AWAG ran a successful booth. We had many visitors and several ladies who signed up for more information. In fact, I just gave a lesson this week to one of them. Ah, to spread the gospel of hooking. Below is a montage of pics taken by Melinda’s husband Gary of Gary Lamott Photography. Enjoy! And thank you again, Gary!!!
  • Albuquerque's Rail Yards Market where we share the gospel of hooking.

    Our “shop” at the Rail Yards is open. Here we share the gospel of hooking with folks who have never seen the art form. Others tell me tales of parents and grandparents who hooked. Come on down! Great fruits and veggies, plus arts, music, and yummy food.

    High on Hooking started our selling season at Albuquerque’s Rail Yards. Despite it being Memorial Day weekend (holidays are notorious for slow sales) and thanks to a woman visiting from Las Cruces who loves textiles, we had a good day. Come visit; we’re there every other weekend till mid-October.


  • Sadly, those of us from AWAG who do demos at the Biopark’s Botanical Garden gave our last spiel till August. We had over a hundred kids in talking about what we do and trying their little hands at hooking. The park kicks us out for two months to use the Heritage farmhouse for summer camp programs. I guess it’s a good enough reason. In the meantime, in addition to our guild meetings, we’re meeting at members’ homes because we refuse to give up that whole social thing.


  • Finally had the chance to do all the planting and potting that I’d been putting off till after Fiesta. Now I’m just waiting for my first crop of basil. I make A LOT of pesto to freeze for winter, but there’s nothing that says summer’s arrived like the aroma of basil.

    Summertime and the living is easy. If you have a floatie. And a big rubber duckie.


  • And the pool’s up! I’ve even had a chance to chill in it on my floatie. Which pretty much takes up most of the pool when you add in my bulk-ritude. It is only 10 feet in diameter. But it works, especially for the hot flashes.


Then there were visits from family members back east. And this and that. You know, the usual life “stuff.” You remember John Lennon saying how life is what happens when you’re busy making other plans. (Actually, any number of people may have said that. You can read all about that here.) Actually, I’m already planning another week off from the blog in a few weeks when Tom and I and the dog motor up to Pagosa Springs, Colorado, for some R&R (read: hiking and hanging on the patio with a beverage or three and a book or five).


What are your plans this summer? Do they involve hooking or other kinds of fun? Some form of escape? Travel? Getting together with friends? Share what you’re up to and make me jealous!


Sharing the gospel of hooking with a winning rug.

Congratulations, Melinda Lamott on receiving the Peoples’ Choice Award for rug hooking at Fiesta 2017!


6 thoughts on “Damn, you found me…spreading the gospel…of hooking

  1. Sylvia Doiron

    Sounds like you had fun. I’m jealous of the pool and rubber duckie. Love your new piece.

    1. LauraS Post author

      Hey, for 50 bucks on Amazon the pool can be yours. The duckie, not so sure. Got him years ago in Cape May, NJ. 🙂

  2. Ruth Simpson

    Great photo’s! Always think I’ll take photo’s but end up forgetting or not getting around to it.

  3. Deb Moyes

    I thought you put in a spa or a pool? Guess not. It looks like fun. You are one busy lady with all your hooking events.
    I am in Slelburne Falls MA just finishing up a week’s class in weaving. The woman who runs the school and teaches the basics class is astounding! I have never seen so many samples to look at and the breath of her knowledge…..wow. It was fun to be with like minded people and spend time after class with a few lovely ladies. Make me realize the hole I have at home, wonderful though the neighbors are.
    Peter was supposed to come and bike but we had a Series of Unfortunate Adventures and he couldn’t – so many things at home weren’t working! So I drove up alone…in the truck. It was just as well; half of the week was cold and rainy and I’m not sure what he would have done! He’s biking and swimming at home.
    Pagoda Springs is a fun place!
    P.S. You are very pretty!

    1. LauraS Post author

      Oh, you’re so nice, Deb, but put your glasses on! 🙂 Too bad about Peter, but the weather has been crappy back east. Which only serves to confirm our choice to move here. And for that we were rewarded – for a second year in a row!- by having one of our AC units poop out. Hope to get a repairman here ASAP as it’s been in the 90s, though selling today was pleasant. Speaking of having a hole in the neighborhood (we know only a few folks and they’re always busy), I got an invite to join a new group here in town, just to get together to craft and talk (hopefully not politics) instead of watching tv. Lady bought one of my mug rug sets and asked me to join. Will have to try it. I have friends in the guild, certainly, but I need to meet more people, expand my circle especially since we have no family here. And, yes, we did buy a hot tub last year. But I prefer cooler water when it’s in the 90s, so I have a 10-foot, blue, blow-up pool, the exact same model I started buying when Elisabeth was 5 (she’ll be 20 next month). It became my pool as she got older. Perfect to cool in, especially when a hot flash comes on. 🙂