Cool da Vinci stuff on a HOT day

da Vinci scuba suit

This scary individual is actually a copy of just one of da Vinci’s scuba suits. In 2003, some chick named Jacquie Cozens actually attempted a dive in a similar suit. Apparently, she had “limited success,” whatever that means.


The last two weeks of June tend to be the hottest of the summer here in Albuquerque, so Tom and I headed off to the very much air conditioned Museum of Natural History here in town. It was more of a targeted visit; a Leonardo DaVinci show has been ensconced there since February. It’ll be gone by next month, so we saddled up the Accord and headed into Old Town. Thought I’d share a few pics with you, then you won’t have to go yourselves. While it was a nice exhibit and contained a fair bit of info on Leonardo, it wasn’t worth the $22 per person ($20 for seniors!). Maybe if there had been his actual paintings and such rather than digital copies, etc. Still, inspiration and stories were everywhere!



da Vinci painting

“La Bella Principessa” was a nice, little portrait. It appears that this baby was holed up in someone’s cellar or collection for centuries before anyone thought that it might’ve been painted by da Vinci. They thought it was by some German dude.

da Vinci notebook page

Okay, this is cool. They had copies of some of da Vinci’s notebooks. This recorded his ideas on a GIANT horse statue that he spent years planning for some patron. In the end, he never built it. But the drawing is wild.




da Vinci costumes

Who knew the dude was so into theater? Not only did create sets and such, but he created costumes too. Yes, he took up thread and needle and sewed! Not an interactive exhibit, so I was not able to entice Tom to try on the scarlet cape and tights.








da Vinci painting

I just liked this one. It’s “Cartone di sant’Anna” OR “[Cartoon] of The Virgin and Child with Saint Anne and Saint John the Baptist.” Sure it’s unfinished (never made into a painting), but I’d still recommend going to the National Gallery in London to really see it, the real painting, I mean. Not that I have…

da Vinci crossbow

Have issues with your neighbors whether they be next door, in the next town, Mexico or Canada??? This giant crossbow wasn’t available for purchase, but I bet it could do the job for you. Da Vinci was BIG into weaponry.


da Vinci tank

Perhaps you prefer a tank for your military needs? Those tubes sticking out of the bottom, which round the whole machine, are the guns.














Because our tickets included it, after perusing the da Vinci exhibit, we thought we’d hang in the planetarium for awhile. One piece of advice in case you happen to catch a show: Bring a parka! Don’t care that it was 98 degrees outside. In the planetarium it was January in Minnesota!

The reality is that this week’s going to be even warmer than last week. Hooh, boy. Guess that means I’ll stay in and hook. What a hardship. Oh, well, there are shows to apply to. And I’ll be loading up the Etsy shop with more goodies too, especially as…I finally sold my first rug there! Woohoo!


How are you keeping cool this summer? Movies like the new Jurassic Park? Museum visits? Lucky enough to live near a beach (like I used to)? Or just holing up in the AC with friends? Share your plans here!


One thought on “Cool da Vinci stuff on a HOT day

  1. Debbie Moyes

    Speaking of fun military stuff, I was watching the series TURN and they showed a man using one of the first submarines to get into NYC without the Brits seeing him. It was basically a big barrel with a lantern inside and I think he pedaled….It was terrifying.
    Sometimes I wonder what amazing dudes like DaVinci would be like today? Would we lock them up in a looney bin or celebrate them?
    I’m out in the heat gardening, but we do have a pool. I’ve started timing myself so I don’t get overheated! We have too many gardens. Good news is that we have a TON of tomatoes getting ready and so far the birds and bugs are leaving them alone.
    I am about to do a big push to get some runners done on he loom so that I can put on a warp for a shawl. I want to enter it into a members show. I need to get moving!