Artist’s Statement

Tynan, the High on Hooking dog, rests on a rug in progress made from “up-cycled” t-shirts.

I fell into rug hooking completely by accident after I took a community ed class on a lark. Then I fell in love:

  • With the colors I use to fill in the lines I draw across the monk’s cloth backing;
  • With the textures created by loops of fabric, yarns, and other materials; and
  • With finishing a piece that is beautiful, unique, and often functional as well.

My boldly hued pieces are a little “less-than-traditional,” that is, they aren’t necessarily fashioned using only woolen strips or yarn. I prefer to “up-cycle” my materials from old clothes (even t-shirts and jeans!) and linens (like bed-sheets!), funky fabrics, and notions like yarns and ribbon. Cutting cloth strips by hand to a fairly broad width gives each mat a bit of a rustic and bulky charm, creating something you can really sink your toes into.



“Beautiful Cat” drawn by Maeve; hooked by Laura. Made of up-cycled t-shirts

My current work includes rugs, table mats and runners, and wall hangings. Suitability for use as a rug on the floor depends on the materials used to hook the piece. I produce my own designs, but can also work from a customer’s drawing. Or perhaps their child’s drawing. My design inspirations come from almost anywhere: the garden, other art forms, a wine bottle label, the sky, magazine ads, even the inside of a red cabbage!

Laura Salamy